We make personalised plaques and prints (framed and unframed) for all occasions. But they are usually used for Weddings, Anniversary and Birthday gifts.

Our products are handmade in Ireland. 

Yes, we offer bulk discounts. We have special prices for Graduation class, schools, colleges, hotels and corporate businesses that require a minimum of 15 plaques at any one time.

Our customers come from all over the world. Our product quality, delivery times and price cannot be matched, anywhere!

Our customers are always telling us that when they see the quality of the finished plaque that they would have expected to pay more for it. The look, feel and craftsmanship of the plaques and prints make it a delight for them to offer them as gifts to their friends. Indeed many of our customers are repeat customers, and many more were friends of those customers that received a plaque as a gift – they were so impressed that they bought them for their friends.

We also have a number of Schools and Universities around the world that offers our graduation plaque services to their students.

We design, print and produce all the products in-house here in Galway, in the west of Ireland.

The specialist metal plates we have to import from a UK. The inks and paper are sourced from an Irish company. The wood mounts are also sourced from an Irish company. Our presentation boxes are made exclusively for us in Ireland.

We accept Credit card payments and PayPal payments.

You will have the option how to pay at checkout.

Please note: that you can use your Credit Card to pay through PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal. Whilst on the PayPal page you can opt to pay as guest (without Signing up to PayPal).

For direct Credit Card payments we use Stripe (set up by two Brothers from Ireland). An international company with incredible security features and ease of use for customers.

Yes! We use only the securest of card processors such as PayPal and Stripe, the world leaders in secure online payments. When you pay with PayPal, your credit card details are never seen by the seller or merchant. Plus, you’re protected 100% against unauthorised payments from your account.

Stripe also have unparalleled levels of security, plus ease of use for the customer.

Delivery within Ireland is next day delivery by courier, once the order is designed and produced. We aim to have the product out the door within 72 hours.

Delivery to the UK can take 3-4 days from when the order is complete. And it can take up to 10 days for delivery to the rest of the world from time of the completed order.

These are only estimate delivery times – on a rare occacsion delivery can take a few days longer.

Delivery costs are dependant on the weight of the product where in the world its being delivered to. 

Delivery costs are calculated at checkout.

You can find out more details here: Shipping Cost

Yes, many of our customers are from abroad, especially the USA and more recently Australia. We deliver to almost every country in the world.  For International orders please allow up to 10 days for your purchase to arrive.

We aim to complete all orders within 72 hours of order. Please note that if you request an preview image of your product – that could delay the process – until you confirm you are happy to proceed.

Because every item is individually designed and unique it takes time to design and produce, therefore it is not possible for us to work on it until it is ordered and paid for.

But once purchased, it is possible to see how it would look before final production and delivery. We can email you a low-resolution image of the artwork. Also, it is possible at this stage to make changes if you wish.

Please note that requesting the image might delay the production process (but only for a short time), as we have to wait for your confirmation that you are happy before we can proceed. We allow 24 hours for changes to be made before we proceed with the order.

As a note, normally people don’t request to see the artwork beforehand, usually its only if they are not sure that they picked their favorite border.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! No risk! No surprises! 

We are an Irish company that are really proud of what we do.



Family coat-of arms were primarily used in battles so that opponents could identify each other.

Historically – the design was only awarded to an individual and only they could use it.  Other times, it was allowed to pass to their descendants, evolving in design to denote family position, alliances, marriages, etc….  And exactly who had a right to use coat-of-arms varied between countries, by law or social convention.

SurnameCrest uses historical sources; documents, records and books to replicate the original, the coat-of-arms that relates to the earliest-known bearer of the name on record. This would be the original before being changed by marriages etc… by later generations and different branches of the family.

No. It is important to remember that the coat-of-arms provided are not granted specifically to you. They are publicly available and are based on descriptions gathered by heraldic experts in books published from 1605 to the present.

These coat of arms are historically associated with your surname and are provided for display/decoration purposes only. You have no legal right to use a coat-of-arms, other than display its image, unless you are a direct descendent of the person originally awarded it. They should not be used as a trademark / logo or other similar legal status as they are not exclusive to that individual.

Some families may have more than one Coat of Arms attributed to them. Coats of arms were originally granted to individuals, who then passed them down through direct descents.

Over the years spelling variations, especially as people travelled from country to country and mispronunciations of names would have been written recorded might account for some variation in family shields. Also as one family married another, the heraldry might have been changed to incorporate the two families in one.

We generally try to find the earliest coat of arms on record associated with a surname or one of its spelling variations, then redraw it according to heraldic standards based on historic published shields and blazons. We generally include the oldest published coat of arms once associated with each surname – descriptions that have been recorded in ancient manuscripts and reference books.

If you know the nationality of the person whose name you are looking for – it can help us on the rare occasion where one family crest might be different for the same name in another country.

It does not matter if you do not know this information.

We have 000’s of names on file and only a small fraction of them are listed on the website. If you cant find your name on the Free Family Coat Of Arms Search page. You can still order your product and we will search for your required name. If we can’t find it we will contact you within 24 hours.

If you want to check that we have it before ordering there is a form below the search area where you can ask us to look for that name.

You can search for a family name on our Free Last Name Search page.

Please note that our online database concentrates mainly on Irish Names and British names. But we also have a comprehensive list of names from French heraldry, Spanish heraldry, Italian heraldry, Russian heraldry, German heraldry, Polish heraldry, Portuguese heraldry, European and American heraldry. in fact – Coats of arms, crests, heraldry from all the world. If your name is not listed please fill in the request form and we will see if we can find it.


Some people just leave the two family crests and their border choice on the plaque. And many more people opt to add the first names and date of wedding to the plaque. This makes it very personal.

And at time of writing the most popular borders are Border 1 – Celtic knotwork and Border 3 – Book of Kells.

Throughout the site and in particular on the gallery page you can see samples of many different plaques – with and without names, dates, etc…

Yes our plaques come with two ‘Keyhole’ cuts in the back. These allow for easy wall mounting or for desktop display.

The best way to answer this is that we have never ever had a complaint about our quality, and many of our customers come back time and time again.

And we often see that those who have received gifts from our customers, are so happy with it that they become our customers when they are buying for someone else.

The metal plate is of high grade aluminium with a specially treated brushed gold colour. The wood mounts are very solid and have a beautiful semi gloss finish. The specialist inks are UV resistant meaning that they do not fade as easy as normal printing inks.

Our plaques are 330mm x 270mm  which in inches is:  12.9inches x 10.6 inches. Or another way is they are a few inches larger than an A4 page.

Yes, we have a choice of six border styles, plus the option to put no border around the plaque. The borders include ones reproduced from the Book of Kells (an old Irish manuscript) to Ornate Floral Borders to simple line borders.

You can see the border styles by selecting a border from the drop-down menu on the order page.

Your Wedding Plaque gift is already a unique item – it has the family crests of the bride and groom. These are one-off designs that you wont find mass produced in any high street store.

You can personalize your gift even further by adding your choice of border, the first names of the couple and the wedding date. Some people even add a line of a poem or a personal message.

You can add whatever text you want to the plaque and we will design it so that it looks well. All of this at no extra charge.

The cost of our Plaques are displayed on the ordering page Plaques

The costs include all design and production. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for any additional text you want to add, for example, couples first names or date of wedding.

Our customers are always telling us that when they see the quality of the finished plaque that they would have expected to pay more for it.

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