Ceramic Ornaments

Choose between Christmas gift bag - or Deluxe presentation Gift-box for your personalised ornament.High quality porcelain ceramic ornaments suitable for gifting throughout the year.
Because they are high quality and personalised our ornaments are staement pieces that are suitable for gift giving throughout the year, especially to celebrate an event or important occasion.
Our ornaments are a gift people love to receive, they last forever and can be used forever. They are that perfect memorable ‘feel-good” gift that is appreciated not only at the time of giving but that feeling is repeated every Christmas for years and years to come.

Gift in style
You have a choice of two presentation styles for your ornament – a Christmas themed gift-bag with a free card and envelope OR a deluxe gift-box with lusuxious cover-cloth. The Deluxe gift-box makes these ornaments suitable gifts that can be given anytime throughout the year.

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Merry Christmas


Christmas Order Deadlines

USA / CANADA / AUS........... 1st Dec.

We guarantee that all  orders will be posted within 3 days but orders received after the above dates may not arrive until the New Year.

We have no control over postal deliveries.

IRELAND........ Monday 18th Dec.

UK ............ 13th Dec.