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Oyster Ring/Trinket Dishes

Authentic Oyster trinket dishes. Hand-made in Galway, Ireland using shells from Galway Bay. Personalised and hand decorated.

Available with or without an Oyster lid.
Without Oyster Lid: One oyster shell is balanced on the lid of another shell, which acts as its base. The top oyster shell is left uncovered.
With Oyster Lid: This trinket dish has a unique design. An oyster with its lid is balanced on the lid of another shell. The handle of the top oyster lid is a pearl. You lift the lid using the pearl handle to open the dish.

Please note: Our oyster ring/trinket dishes are individually made to order. Each shell goes through many stages to produce a high-quality product. The final coating alone that protects the interior against damage takes at least two weeks to cure properly. So please allow 3-4 weeks from the order date to produce the finished product. Item will then be dispatched for delivery.


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