Crackle Effect Family Crest – (In colour or as Blueware)


The Family crest on an Italian made Ceramic tile with Faux Crackle Glaze. Available in colour or as Blueware,  framed or unframed.

  • Historical Family Crest
  • Watercolor painted effect
  • In color or as Blueware
  • Ceramic tile with Faux Crackle Glaze
  • Choice of Square Tile Sizes
  • Choice of frame
  • 0,00 €

Product Details

Happy girl with vintage watercolour family coat-of-arms on ceramic in vintage rustic frame.Note: This product is available in full colour or as Blueware/Delftware (see below for more details)

Our Design

The family crest is displayed as a hand-painted watercolor image  on a square ceramic tile with a printed faux crackle glaze effect. The effect gives a lovely warmth to the piece, making it look like a more antique piece than it actually is.

This is a beautiful piece of art that looks amazing in the home. The product has a special gloss coating, made especially for indoor display. It can be wall hung or shelf displayed and available framed or unframed.

The family crest is treated as a watercolour image - visually having the same texture and bleed as a real watercolour painted crest. (Please note the image details may not be defined/sharp as a vector image - because they will look as if painted with a watercolour paint brush)

The family crest is supplied on an Italian made tile with a faux crackled glaze effect. This adds a warmth and rustic feel to the design. The crackle makes the artwork more interesting, looking older than it actually is.

You can also add additional text - a name or a date or a message and we will incorporate it into the design.

Full Colour option
You can have the crest reproduced in full colour as it was originally drawn with its historical heraldic colours. The crest is reproduced with the printed faux crackled glaze effect. 

Blueware / Delftware Colour Option
You can have the crest reproduced as a Blueware or Delftware tile. This means all the colours are reproduced with a cobalt blue wash. These distinctive tiles in their characteristic blue and white give an added warmth to the product. a real feeling of history and familiarity. The Blueware crest is reproduced with the printed faux crackled glaze effect. 


Framing Options

Unframed: The tiles come with a "D" clip on the back - this allows for invisible hanging - all you need is a nail or a screw head projecting  from the wall.

Brown and Gold Frame: The decorative frame gives an elegant traditional look. Frame comes with both a hanging hook on the back and a picture strut for shelf/counter display.

White Frame: The white frame can give a more contemporary look. Frame comes with both a hanging hook on the back and a picture strut for shelf/counter display.

The design is a very modern take on a traditional gift, therefore is suitable for use in either an old house setting or a modern house setting.

The item is shipped in bubblewrap and protected cardboard.

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