Single crest – Illuminated Knight Print


Personalized coat-of-arms knight on horseback. Available for print at home or as a physical product. The physical print has hand-painted metallic gold ink embellishments.


  • Print at home – or physical print
  • Historically correct Family Crest
  • Can be personalised with name/message/date
  • Knight on horseback
  • Crest on shield and caparison
  • Country of origin coat-of-arms
  • Choice of Print Sizes
  • Physical print  is hand-painted metallic Gold ink
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Product Details

Illuminated mounted knight on parchment. Hand painted gold ink.Illuminated Knight print with hand-painted and gilded lettering decoration

This is a personalised piece of art. A beautiful illustration of which the physical version is hand painted with gold ink  adornments. It is a delightful product that enhances any dwelling, whether purchased for ones own home or as a gift for another. It is an item that can be passed from generation to generation and will always have meaning.

This illuminated print of mounted Knight with matching shield and caparison with an illuminated border is lovingly created with great attention to detail using the finest materials. We incorporate the family coat of arms onto the knight’s shield with matching horse’s drapery (caparison) and flag. The Physical Print version – we hand embellish the print with gold ink and gilded lettering.

If you know the country of origin of the family name – we will include that country’s coat of arms into the design.

The research, complexity of the design and gold embellishments by hand means that each print can take quite a long time to complete.

We will send you a proof of the artwork by email within 24/36 hours of your order, so you can see the progress and how the print comes together.* Once you are happy with that, we will complete the print and get it shipped to you.

Our specialist paper is from some of the oldest paper mills in Italy and have been supplying generations of calligraphers and artists for many many years. The 10″x8″ physical print is on a heavy translucent paper whilst the larger print is on a soft ivory shade stock.

Whether the digital or physical version with hand embellishments, personalised art such as this, is a real treasure; one that can be passed on to your children for generations to come.

This design lends itself to celebrating a family, country, city, castle coat-of-arms. As this unique item is made by us in-house and hand decorated by us, – we can personalise it to suit your requirements.

You can also add additional text – a name or a date or a message and we will incorporate it into the design.


Sizes and purchase options available available
Digital or Physical:
  This artwork can be purchased as a digital file which is emailed to you for you to print at home. Or you can purchase the physical version which is hand finished with metallic gold in embellishments.

There are two sizes of this print available:
8″ x  10″  For the Physical version this print is surrounded by a 10″ x 12″ mount/matt. Ready for framing.
11″ x 14″  The physical version of this does not come with a mat/mount. It is shipped in a protective cardboard tube.

* We will send you a proof of the artwork by email within 24/36 hours of your order. This may be longer at weekends and holidays. Please check your email regularly. If after 48 hours of us sending you the proof and us not getting any response – we will complete the order as is and ship the final print to you. We do this as some customers may not check their email on a regular basis and this ensures a speedy delivery of your product.

The design is a very modern take on a traditional gift, therefore is suitable for use in either an old house setting or a modern house setting.

The item is shipped in bubblewrap and protected cardboard.

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