Scottish Family Names



Below are just some of the Scottish Family Names (Scottish Surnames) that we have on file. Over the years we would have gathered many more, as well as spelling variations to these. 

If you don’t find your Scottish Family Name here – we may have it but not have added it to this page yet. You can try our Family Coat of Arms Search  page which would be more up-to-date and have more names from Britain added. On mobile devices it maybe a faster search rather than scrolling through this list.

Scottish Family Names are one of our most popular searches and we have one of the largest collections of Scottish names / coat of arms on file.

Any Scottish family Names that we don’t have, and the customer has an image or description of it – we can redraw it for them. 

Scottish Family Names

in alphabetical order

Scottish Family Names:  A

Abercrombie Aberdeen Abernethy Acheson Achmuty Adair Adam Adamson Adiston Affleck Agnew Aikenhead Aikman Ainslie Airth Aitken Alan Aldington Alexander Allardice Allen Alston Anderson Andrew Angus Annand Anny Anstruther Antrobus Arbuckle Arbuthnott Archibald Arkley Armistead Armour Armstrong Arneil Arnott Arthur Aston Athell Atheson Auchinleck Ayton

Scottish Family Names:  B

Badenock-Bogle Badenock Baigrie Baikie Baillie Bain or Baines Baird Balderstone Balfour Ballentine Ballingall Balmakin Bannatyne Bannerman Barbour Barclay Barns Baron Barr or Barry Barrowman Bartholomew Bartley Barton Baskin Baxter Beatson Beattie Begley Belfarge or Belfrage Bell Bellenden Belsches Bennet Bennie or Binnie Berey Berry Bertram Bethune Bettie Beveridge II Beveridge Bickerton Biggar Binning Birnie Biscoe Bisset Bissland Black Blackadder Blackhall Blackie Blacklock Blackwood Blair Blane Blanearn Blaw or Blew Blencow or Blencowe Blocase Blyth Bog Bogle

Scottish Family Names:  BOKELAND-BYRES

Bokeland Boland Bonar II Bonar Bonekill Bontine Borlands Borron Borrowman Borthwick Boswell Bouie Bounton Bourdon Bower Bowie Bowman Boyd Boyes Boyle Bradbury Bradie Bragge or Bragg Brand Brander Branis Brechin Breydon or Breyton Bridge Bridges Brimer Brisbane Brocas or Brokkas Brodie Brooks Brough Broun or Brown Bruce Brudenell Bryce Bryson Buchan Buchanan Budge Bunkell or Bunell Burnett Burns Burnside Burroughs Burrow Butler Butter Butterworth Byres

Scottish Family Names:  C

Scottish Family Names:  CADDELL-COCHRANE

Caddell Cader Caird Cairncross Cairnie Cairns Calder Calderwood Caldwell Callander Calzier Cameron Campbell Cannon Cant Carbery Carfrae Cargill Carlyle Carmichael Carnegie Carnes Carr Carron Carruthers Carse Carstairs Cartwright Carwood Cassels Cathcart Cattell Caw Cay Chalmers Chambers Chancellor Chane Chaplan Chapman Charles Charteris Chattan Chessells Cheyne Chiesly Chirnside Chisholm Christall Christie Clark or Clerk Clarksone Clayhills Cleghorn Cleland Clephan or Clephane Clogston Clunes Clyton Coane Cobell Cochrane

Scottish Family Names:  COCK-CUTHBERT

Cock Cockburn Cocke Cockie Colless Collison Collow Colquhoun Colt Colville Colyear Combe Comrie Comyn Congilton Congreve Conn Constable Cook Cooper Copland Cor Corbet Corrie or Corry Corsar Corsby Corser Corstorphine Coulson or Cowlson Couper or Coupar Cousland Coutts Cowan Cox Crab Crabbie Craigdaillie Craigge Craigie or Craig Craigmyle Craik Cramond Cranstoun or Cranston Craw or Crow Crawford Creigh Crichton or Creighton Criery or MacCriery Cringan or Crinan Crockett Croe or Crowe Croke or Crook Crosbie Cross Crowther Cruikshank Crumbie or Crombie, or Crumb Culane Cullen Cullow Cumming Cunningham Currel or Curle Curren Currie Cushney Cuthbert

Scottish Family Names:  DAILE-DUTHIE

Daile or Dale Dalgleish Dallas Dalmahoy Dalrymple Dalzell Daniell Danielston Danner Danskine Darroch Davidson Dawson Deans Deas Dempster Denham Dennistoun Dewar Dick Dickey Dickson Dingwall Dirom Dishington Dobbie Doeg Don Donald Donaldson (Kinnairdie) Dougall Douglas Dow Dowall Downie or Downey Dreghorn Drever or Driver Drummond Drysdale Duddington Duff Duguid Dumbreck Dun Dunbar Duncan Duncanson Dundas Dunlop Dunning Dunse Dunsmure or Dunsmuir Durham Durie Durward Duthie

Scottish Family Names:  E-F

Eaglesham Easton or Eiston Eccles Echlin Eckfoord Edgar Edie or Edy Edington Edmonstone Edward Eglington Elder Elison Ellem or Elm Elliot II Elliot Ellis Elphinstone Emslie Erskine Erthe Erwin Ethlington Ewart Ewing F Fair Fairfax Fairfowl Fairholm Fairlie Falconer Falls Falshaw Farie Farquhar Farquharson Fawside or Fawsyde Fennison Fenton Fergusson Fernie Feron or Ferron Ferrier Fettes Fife Fin Findlay or Finlay Finlayson Finnie Fisher Fithie Fleming Fletcher Flint Fogo Forbes II Forbes Ford Fordyce Forman Forrest Forrester Forsyth Fortescue Fotheringham Fouler or Fowler Foulis Fountain Frances Frank Fraser (of Lovat) Fraser Freebairn Freer Freke French Frier Fullerton Fulton

Scottish Family Names:  G

Gaie Galbreath Galloway Gamack Gammell Gardener Gardyne or Garden Garioch Garroway Garth Gartshore Garvie Garvine or Garvan Gavine Gayre Ged Geddes Gellie George Gib Gibson Gifford Gilbert Gilchrist Giles Gill Gillespie Gillis Gillon Gilmour Gladstone Glasford Glasgow Glass Glegg Gleig Glen Glendinning Gloag Goddart Goldie Goodlet Gordon (Duke of Gordon) Gordon Gorrie or Gorry Gould Gourlay Govan Gowdie Graden Graham Grant Grantham Gray Gredon Greenlaw Greenlees Gregory Greig Grey Grierson I Grierson II Grieve Grimond Grosett Guest Gulan Gunn Guthrie

Scottish Family Names:  H

Hadden Hadderwick Haddow or Haddock Hadwick Haggard Haig Hair Hairstans Halcro Haldane Haldon Halkerston Halkett Hall Halliday Halyburton or Haliburton Hamil Hamilton I Hamilton II Handyside Hannay Harcarse or Harcus Hardie Hare Harnie Harper Harris Hart Hartside Harvey Hastie Hastings Haswell Hathorn Hatlie or Hateley Hawthorn Hay (Cadet of Pitfour) Hay Heigh Henderson Hendry Hepburn Heriot Heron Herren or Herring Herries Hewatt Heys Higginbotham Hill Hinshaw Hodge Hogarth Hogg Hogue Home or Hume Honyman Hood Hope Hopkirk Hopper Hormiston Horn or Horne Horsburgh Houldsworth Houston Howart Howison or Howlison Hughan Hummell Hunter Hurry Hutcheson Hutchinson Hutton Hyslop

Scottish Family Names:  I-J-K

Imrie Inglis Ingram Innes Inverarity Irland Irvine Irving Jack Jackson Jaffray Jamieson Jardine Jarvie Jay Jeffrey Jewell Joass Johns Johnstone Jolly Jopp Jossey Judson Justice Karr Kay Keen Keir Keirie Keith Kello Kelso Kemp Kenan Kennedy Ker Kerr Kibble Kidston Kilgour Kilmore Kincaid King Kinloch Kinnaird Kinnear Kinninmond Kinross Kintore Kippen Kirk Kirkaldie Kirkpatrick Kirkwood Knight Knox Kyd Kyle

Scottish Family Names:  L-M

Lade or Ladd Laidlaw Laing Laird Lammie Lamond Lamont Landel Langlands Langton Lapslie Latham Lauder Lauderdale Laurie or Lawrie Lauty Laven Lavington Law (Burntoun, Fife) Laweston Lawrence Lawson Learmonth Leask Leck Leckie Lee Leech Leechman Lees Legat Leighton Leitch Leith Lend Lennie Lennox Lesk Leslie Levington Libberton Liddell Lidderdale Lightbody Lind Lindsay Lingard Linton Lisk Liston Lithgow Littelman Little Littlejohn Livingstone Loch Locherby Lochore Lockhart Logan Loghlan Logie Lorain Lorimer Loudon or Loudoun Louis Lovell Low Lowell Lucas Lumsden Lundin Lyle Lyon Lyons M Main Mair Maison Maitland Majoribanks Malcolm or MacCallum Manson Mar Marshall Martin Marwick Mason Masterton Mather or Madder Matheson Matthews Maule Maxtone Maxwell Mayne Mearns Meik Meiklejohn Meldrum Mellis Melville Menteith Menzies Mercer Meredyth Merry Merton Methven Middleton Mikieson Millar Miller Milliken Milne Milroy Minnoch Mitchell Mitchelson Moffat Moir Molleson Moncreiff Moncur Montgomerie Monypenny Moody or Mudie Morehead Morison Morris Mortimer Morton Mossman Moubray Moultrie Mounsey Mow Mowat Muckle Muir or Mure Muirhead Mundell Munro Murchison Murdoch Murison Murray or Moray Mushet Muter Myrton

Scottish Family Names:  MAC

MacAben MacAdam MacAlister MacArthur MacAuley MacBain MacBarnet MacBean MacBeath or MacBeth II MacBeath or MacBeth MacBlane MacBraire MacBrayne MacBride or MacBraid MacCall or MacColl MacCartney MacCasland or Cousland MacChlery or MacClary MacCleish MacClellan or MacLellan MacClintock MacCombie MacConnell MacCormack MacCorquodale MacCreadie MacCulloch MacDiarmid MacDonald (of the Isles) MacDonnell MacDougall MacDowall MacDuff (Earl of Fife) MacEwan MacFarlane MacFie MacGarth MacGeachen MacGeorge MacGhie MacGilchrist MacGill MacGillivray MacGowan MacGregor MacGuffock or MacGavock MacHan or MacHann MacIlvain MacInnes MacInroy MacIntyre MacIver or MacIvor Mack MacKale or McKaile MacKay MacKenzie MacKerrell MacKie MacKinnon MacKintosh MacKirdy MacLachlan MacLaine of Lochbuie MacLannahan MacLaren MacLarty MacLaurin or McLaurin MacLean of Duart MacLeay MacLeish MacLennan MacLeod MacMathan or McMathan MacMichael MacMicking or McMicking MacMillan MacMoran MacNab MacNair MacNaughton or MacNaughten MacNeil or MacNeill MacNeil MacNeish MacNicol Maconochie MacPherson MacQuarrie or MacGuarie MacQueen MacRae MacRitchie MacTaggart MacTavish MacThomas MacTurk MacWhirter

Scottish Family Names:  N-O-P-

Naesmith Nairn Nangothan Napier Neilson Nevoy Newall Newlands Newton Niddrie Nimmo Nisbit or Nisbet Niven Noble Normand Norvel Nurse Ochterlony Ogill Ogilvie Ogston Oliphant Oliver Ord Orme Ormeston Orr Orrock Osborn Oswald (Encyclopaedia Heraldica) Oughton Ouston Outram Pagan Paisley Panther Panton Pardy Paris Park Parkhill Patel Paterson II Paterson Paton Patrick Pattison Paul Peacock Pearson Peddie Peebles Pender Penderleith Pennycook Pentland Peter Peterson Petrie Pettigrew Philip Pickering Pillans Pilmure Pinkerton Pirie Pitblado Pitcairn Plummer Pollock Polwarth Pont Ponton Porteous Porterfield Powrie Preston Primrose Pringle Pumfrey Purves

Scottish Family Names:  Q-R-

Quincey or Quincy Radcliffe Rae Raeburn Rait or Reath Ralston Ramage Ramsay Randolph Rankin Rattray Ray Redpath Reid Renny or Rennie Renton Richard Richardson Richmond Rickart Riddell Riddock Rigg Ritchie Robe Roberton Robertson Rochead Rodie Roe Roger or Rodger Rogerson Rolland Rollo Romans Rome Ronald Roos Rose Ross Rouett Row Rowan Roy Rule Russell Rutherford Ruthven Rynd

Scottish Family Names:  S

Scottish Family Names:  SANDEMAN-SOULIS

Sandeman Sanderson Sandilands Sauchy Sconce Scott Scougall Scrogie Scrymgeour Semple Senhouse Seres Seton Sewell or Shewal Shadden Shand Shank Sharp Shaw Shedden Sheild Shives Shortt Shouster or Shuster Sibbald Simpson Sinclair Sivright Skene Skirving Sleich Slewman Sligo Small Smart Smeaton Smellie Smith or Smythe Smith Smollett Snodgrass Somerville Soote Soulis

Scottish Family Names:  SPALDING-SYMMER

Spalding Spaxton Speid Speir Spence Spens Spiers Spittle Spot Spottiswood Spreull Spurrier Squire St. Clair St. Michael Stacy Stanfield or Stamfield Stanhope Starke Steadman Steele Stephen Stevenson Stewart Stirling Stoddart Stopford Storie Stothert Stott Strabolgi Strachan Straiton Strange or Strang Stratherne Strathy Stronoch Struthers Stryvelin Stupart Sutherland Suttie Swan Swift or Swifte Swinton Sword Sydserf Syme Symington Symmer

Scottish Family Names:  T-U-V

Tait Tarvit Tawse Taylor Tayre or Tayer Temple Templeton Tennant Thane Thoms Thomson Thores Thorley Thornton Thurburn or Thorburn Tindall Todrick Torrance Toshach Tough Tours Tovy Townes or Townis Traill Traquair Traynor Treipland Trotter Troup Trout Tullidelph Tulloch Turing Turnbull Turner Tweedie Tyrie Tytler Udny Umphrastoun Ure Urie Urquhart Usher Valange Van Vance Vans or Vaus Veitch Verner Vilant Vipont

Scottish Family Names:  W-Y

Waddell Wade Wain Wakefield Waldie Walker Walkinshaw Wallace Walrond Warden Wardlaw Wardrop Warner Warrand Warrender Waston Wate Watson Watt or Wate Watters Watterton Wauchope Waugh Wawane Wedderburn Weir Wellwood Welsh Wemyss Wenley Whannell White Whitefoord Whitehead Whitehouse Whitelaw Wight Wightman Wiliamson Wilkie Wilkinson Winram Wintoun Wise Witherspoon Winchester Windygates

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The above list contains over 1190 Scottish family names (Scottish Last Names) that we have coat of arms for. These family name coat or arms have been drawn from accurate descriptions and references from only original Heraldry art manuscripts. 

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